Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe

Kuva: Aki Loponen
Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe, a contemporary play by the shining star of Finnish theatre Kristan Smeds (2006), is a raw and powerful love story based on Dostoevsky’s classic novel Crime and Punishment. The point of view of the poetic play is Raskolnikov’s beloved Sonya who finds herself driven to prostitution.

Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe is a touching vision of Europe – a continent where luck and fortune are greatly divided, and where young men undertake extreme and desperate actions where “the poor are robbed of even the shit from their pants”. Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe looks deep into the human soul with a Dostoevskian merciful gaze. It shows us that beauty, light, and miracles flicker even at the darkest of times – that love can still trickle through.

Solemnly directed by internationally acclaimed Jari Juutinen, the play is given a heart-breaking allegory of the myth of Sisyphus. Sonya relives her destiny on stage night after night, incredibly incarnated by Finnish actress Liisa Sofia Pöntinen.

Premiered in 2013, Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe is an award-winning theatre performance that has so far been seen at numerous international theatre festivals and venues all around Europe. Produced by theatre company sadsongskomplex:fi, an internationally operating Finnish ensemble known for high quality drama in the European theatre field.

All rights of the play: Nordic Drama Corner.

“Jari Juutinen directs now as a master.”
– Etelä-Saimaa, Finland 2013

“Liisa Sofia Pöntinen’s interpretation of Kristian Smeds’ monologue “Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe” seems to have hypnotized the full auditorium.”
– "The sensitivity of this brilliant actress is touching", Kainuun Sanomat, Finland 2014

“Fyodor Mikhailovich gets his fulfillment.”
– Tribuna, Russia 2015

"When all parts reach the level of excellence, we get real pearls."
– International Selection, Bryssel, Belgium 2016


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Talteater / Nutidsteater


Unga · Studerande · Vuxna


Stor scen: ca. 400 - 1000 platser · Liten scen: ca. 100 - 400 platser · Studioscen: ca. 50 - 100 platser · Rumsteater: ca. 1 - 50 platser


Finska · Annat


1000 - 2000 euro

Konstnärlig arbetsgrupp

Jari Juutinen, Liisa Sofia Pöntinen, Teemu Nurmelin

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Tidigare spelplatser

ensi-ilta (Lappeenrannan kaupunginteatteri) 2013 Helsinki (Stage-teatterifestivaali) 2013 Joensuu (Joensuun kaupunginteatteri) 2013 Veliky Novgorod, VENÄJÄ (XVII International Dostoevsky Chamber Plays Festival) 2013 Pieksämäki (Teatterimaraton) 2014 Kajaani (Kajaanin kaupunginteatteri) 2014 Pärnu, VIRO (Pärnu International Theatre Festival Monomaffia) 2014 Tbilisi, GEORGIA (Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre) 2014 Visaginas, LIETTUA (IX Festival of Monoperformances Atspindys) 2014 Pietari, VENÄJÄ (Dostoevsky Museum Theatre) 2015 Pori (Lain§uojattomat - vapaiden ammattiryhmien teatterifestivaali) 2015 Helsinki (KokoTeatteri) 2015-2017 Oulu (Oulun kaupunginteatteri) 2016 Bryssel (International Selection - BOZAR, Belgian kansallisteatteri, KVS) 2016 Luxemburg (Théâtre du Centaure) 2016 Nilvange, RANSKA (Le Gueulard) 2017 Avignon, RANSKA (Festival OFF d'Avignon) 2017 Tarto, VIRO (Teater Vanemuine/Vabadus Festival) 2018 Avignon, RANSKA (Festival OFF d'Avignon) 2018

Byggtid (h)

min 4 h (ensimmäinen esitys), sen jälkeen noin 2 h

Rivtid (h)

45 min



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